Naming Tit / Officially part of the family

"If I knew we would fight about this I would never have participated. Pick a name already Kyllan. I don't care which one, I just want to get back to my work." I shout at Kyllan. "Yes. Oh, my supreme leader. Thank you for this honour. I will not let you down Tit." Kyllan mocks. … Continue reading Naming Tit / Officially part of the family

It’s Census Day

Fuck Fuck Fuck!!! "Kyllan, would you take care of the fainted human. Tit, come with me, we need to talk." I let out a big sigh. It's always weird talking to Tit. Until I finish working on my universal translator, I will have to keep touching Tit's middle nipple so we can communicate telepathically. I … Continue reading It’s Census Day

5 pregnant cats

I accidentally adopted five cats. I opened my door one afternoon after it had just stopped raining and the little shits were right there waiting to be rescued. My first thought was to kick them and watch them fly into the air then land on their feet but Kyllan stopped me. The rude twats were … Continue reading 5 pregnant cats